With fires raging out west, hurricane season in full swing and the coronavirus wreaking havoc on the country as a whole, preparedness is on the minds of many.“National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year,” according to ready.gov.The 2020 theme is “Disasters don’t wait. Make your plan today.”Ready.gov is a one-stop shop for all kinds of helpful information on how to stay prepared year-round, with tips on everything from fire safety and prevention; winter, flood, holiday and building protections; to financial, pet, hurricane and back-to-school readiness; cyber security and severe weather awareness.The site offers weekly tips to follow throughout the month, each aimed at encouraging preparedness.Sept. 1-5: Make a plan to be shared with family and friends about how to communicate when faced with a disaster. Keep in mind current restrictions and guidance related to the ongoing pandemic.Sept. 6-12: Build a kit that can be grabbed at a moment’s notice containing vital items for all family members and pets.Sept. 13-19: Prepare for disasters by researching disasters prone to the local area, checking insurance coverage and developing plans to put into action if it ever becomes necessary.Sept. 20-26: Teach youth about preparedness to keep them engaged and ensure they know what to do in the face of an emergency.More information on the above tips and more can be found at https://www.ready.gov/.