Dr. Angeli Mohanani-Posey is an Army Hearing Program Coordinator with Public Health Command Europe.
Dr. Angeli Mohanani-Posey is an Army Hearing Program Coordinator with Public Health Command Europe. (Photo Credit: Russell Toof) VIEW ORIGINAL

LANDSTUHL, Germany – Dr. Angeli Mohanani-Posey was born and raised on the tiny island of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She is now helping to serve a military population greater than the population of the island she grew up on.

As an Army Hearing Program Coordinator for Public Health Command Europe, Mohanani-Posey’s job focuses on hearing education for service members throughout Europe.

“I have always enjoyed hearing conservation; preventing hearing loss before it happens,” she said.

The Army Hearing Program works to prevent hearing loss through unit and individual education, hearing protection devices, hearing monitoring services, and range and hazardous noise area inspections.

“I’m at the frontline of education and training to make sure our message gets out there,” she said. “My favorite part of the job is going out and seeing the different environments that folks work and train in and finding hearing protection that works for them.”

Mohanani-Posey direct commissioned into the Army in 2014. She joined the Army externship program to finish her clinical hours.

“I did my fourth-year clinical rotation at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,” she said. “I worked in areas like newborn hearing screenings and traumatic brain injuries. I got a wide-range of experience just from that one year.”

Mohanani-Posey transitioned out of active duty in 2018 but she still wanted to be involved in the Army Hearing Program. After a post-doctoral fellowship program with the Army Public Health Center she got a contract that led her to PHCE.

Her work, much like a majority of the healthcare workforce, has been affected by COVID.

“We’ve had to change the way we conduct training because of COVID,” she said. “We’ve created a hybrid hearing technician course. A lot of it is online and we’ve reduced the in-person requirement.”

Mohanani-Posey has always known she wanted to end up in a job that helped people.

“I grew up with a cousin who had cerebral palsy and spent a lot of time volunteering with children with special needs and that’s where my passions are at - helping people who need help,” she said.