Fort Bliss Soldier Recovery Unit, formerly known as the Warrior Transition Battalion, hosted a socially –distanced and virtual assumption of command and reflagging ceremony at the SRU campus on July 21, 2020.Last year, the Army announced the restructuring of its Warrior Transition Program and formally recognized itself as the Army Recovery Care Program. The Warrior Transition Battalions would soon restructure and re-designate as Soldier Recovery Units.Since its activation on October 17, 2017, the mission of the former Warrior Transition Battalion has been to provide competent and compassionate leadership through mission command, complex case management, and comprehensive transition planning. This mission still remains so as the unit restructures to SRU.During the ceremony, Col. Michael S. Oshiki, commander of WBAMC, passed the colors to Lt. Col. John Samuels, signifying the assumption of command of the SRU."This unit was my first choice for battalion command. Usually, a commander's priorities are the accomplishment of the mission, followed by the troops' welfare I understand that mission accomplishment often requires a sacrifice of troops here at Ft. Bliss, but the Soldier Recovery Unit, the soldiers' welfare is the mission. That mission is why I am here,” said Lt. Col. John Samuels, commander, SRU.The Fort Bliss SRU is controlled by the Army Recovery Care Program, which evaluate the wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers requiring six months or more of rehabilitative care and complex medical-case management.The Fort Bliss SRU will continue to collaborate with WBAMC to provide specialized support for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers. The Fort Bliss SRU's primary function will be complex care, veteran track, return to duty, and transitions service.“The SRU is now a single entry criteria program (Complex Care). The SRU is a one-stop-shop for our wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers. Soldiers are here to heal; they served for us, we are here to help them in their time of need, and whether they return to duty or become productive veterans within their community, the SRU is here to ensure they do,” said Tracy Higgerson,operations officer.Fort Bliss SRUSamuels eager to restructure the unit from the Warrior Transition Battalion to the Soldier Recovery Unit. accord to, Samuel no matter the unit designation, the mission remains the same. Samuel look forward to working with the cadre professionals to accomplish the mission to provide critical support to wounded, ill, or injured Soldiers so they can focus on healing to transition back to the force or move on to veteran status.