Lyster Army Health Clinic Urges Catch-Up Vaccinations

By Janice Erdlitz, Lyster Army Health Clinic Public Affairs OfficerAugust 26, 2020

In support of this year’s National Immunization Awareness Month activities this August,

Lyster Army Health Clinic is joining a national effort, “Catch-Up to Get Ahead” to address the alarming declines in routine childhood immunization that happened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccines are essential in protecting your child and family members from a number of serious diseases including measles, meningitis, and whooping cough. This August, we will support families in our community to catch-up children up on their recommended vaccines. Children and young adults are usually required to receive vaccines before entering day care, elementary, middle or high school, and college. To make sure they are caught up on the vaccinations before they start school, Lyster will identify children who are behind on routine vaccinations and actively encourage timely catch-up.

“Taking time to listen to parents and understand their specific concerns can build trust and increase the odds that they will bring in their children for vaccinations,” said Maj. Dorma Sanders, Chief of Fort Rucker Department of Public Health at Lyster Army Health Clinic.

It is now more important than ever to access vaccination status at every medical visit, and to administer routinely recommended vaccines. “By making sure we’re not delaying vaccinations due to COVID-19, we can keep kids and their families safe from many serious diseases,” said Maj. Sanders.

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