BOISE, Idaho – The Idaho Army National Guard Aviation Group helped rescue an injured man on a mountainside Aug. 20, hoisting him to safety.An Idaho Guard UH-72 Lakota helicopter and aircrew departed for an area approximately 20 miles east of Idaho City to assist the Boise County Sheriff's Office and Idaho Mountain Search and Rescue team to recover an injured all-terrain vehicle rider. The 55-year-old man spent the night on the side of a mountain after rolling his ATV down a steep embankment.Due to rugged and complicated terrain, there were no safe areas to land near the man, so the aircrew employed the aircraft’s hoist to retrieve him.The crew successfully hoisted the man into the aircraft and transferred him to local rescue crews standing by at the Idaho City Airstrip.The operation marked the third of its kind over the past week. The Idaho Army National Guard Aviation Group responded to two other emergencies using UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters in Elmore and Custer counties.For more National Guard newsNational Guard FacebookNational Guard Twitter