ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- In previous articles, we have addressed the first two steps of the 6S process, Sort and Straighten. This article will focus on step three, Scrub.This phase involves a proper and thorough cleaning of the entire work area, both inside and outside.It is not a one-time process. On the contrary, it is a daily requirement.In some areas, conditions may require cleaning multiple times each day.Of course, cleaning responsibilities assigned to the cleaning contractor, the Opportunity Center, must not be assigned to depot employees.While all employees own the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness, supervisory oversight is required to ensure the expected results are achieved.Employees should always remember to clean after themselves, whether in your work area, the restroom or a break room.A clean environment is a safer environment.Numerous depot employees have been injured because of a lack of a clean environment. In particular, floors which have not been swept or cleaned present a target-rich environment for an injury.Most shop floor and administrative areas have schedules for employees to clean the break room, but not all.I would guess we have all visited a break room which doesn’t appear to have been cleaned.Think about the germs to which each user of the break room is exposed.Also, think about the effort required to maintain a clean break room.If each employee tidies the break room after their use, the area is ready for the next user.Clean environments improve the way everyone working in the area feels about coming to work each day.As always, I encourage each of you to actively provide ideas for improvement in your work area to your supervisor or a member of the Lean team and volunteer to serve on lean events in your area.The Lean team can be contacted at Ext. 7952.Remember, let’s work smarter, not harder.