ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- During election campaign time, federal employees need to be mindful of the prohibitions on partisan political activity in the workplace.Here is a quick list of some things federal employees may and may not do under the Hatch Act.May:• Register to vote and vote as they choose.• Be candidates for public office in nonpartisan positions.• Contribute money to political parties and candidates.• Attend public fundraising events for candidates and/or political parties.• Sign and circulate petitions outside the workplace and while not on duty.• Campaign for candidates and/or political parties outside the workplace and while not on duty.• Display a standard size bumper sticker on a personal vehicle that supports a candidate or political party, but not signs or flags.May Not:• Wear or display political signs, shirts, hats, masks, buttons or other items of clothing in the federal workplace, while on duty or in a government vehicle (including items pertaining to a specific candidate or a political party).• Display or distribute campaign materials of any kind in the workplace.• Make political contributions or accept political contributions in the workplace or while on duty.• Invite coworkers or other federal employees to political fundraisers while in the federal workplace or while in a duty status.• Use a government computer to send, forward or distribute political material to anyone.• Solicit or discourage political activity of anyone who has business pending before your employer.