REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command welcomed their new Army Capability Manager for Strategic Missile Defense during a Change of Charter.During the Aug. 17 ceremony, Col. James C. Reese accepted the Assumption of Charter as the ACM SMD from Col. Douglas James Waddingham, who relinquished his charter. Lt. Gen. Daniel L. Karbler, USASMDC commanding general, presided over the ceremony.“It’s a big job and Doug can definitely testify to its strategic importance,” Karbler said. “For the past year, Doug has knocked it out of the park. Thanks for your work, your commitment to the Army’s modernization efforts, and to the dedication and passion you’ve shown over this past year. You leave the ACM SMD, the command, and the Army better prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.”The ACM SMD, part of the Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence, serves as the Army’s centralized capability development integrator for strategic missile defense operations and is the user advocate for doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities solutions in strategic missile defense. Waddingham served as the ACM SMD for 14 months.“Thank you very much to the ACM SMD team,” Reese said. “All the battle rhythms and procedures that are established remain in effect.”The ceremony officially charged Reese as the ACM SMD, assuming the roles and responsibilities that position entails.“To Jim Reese, you come to ACM SMD at a pivotal time for the Army and the joint force,” Karbler said. “As we work to become an all-domain capable force within the next few years, ACM SMD’s role is set to defense and other emerging advanced technologies. I know from your background, you’re just the person to do it.”