REDSTONE ARSENAL – U.S. Army Contracting Command leadership and staff welcomed Gen. Edward Daly, commanding general of Army Materiel Command, to his first quarterly update from ACC, Aug. 7.Measures to improve ACC’s inclusion and overall diversity and the command’s efforts to fight the global pandemic topped a list of topics discussed at the briefing.Daly provided opening remarks by stating the importance of how we see ourselves as an organization. That vision will help frame problem sets and further help in the development of action plans.Maj. Gen. Paul Pardew, the ACC commanding general, led the quarterly update emphasizing, “Our end state is to drive a culture of diversity awareness and inclusion, the elimination of racism and extremism, open and transparent feedback loops and develop action plans that achieve tangible results.”Prior to the Aug. 7 briefing, Pardew stressed his clear-cut support for this campaign and outlined ACC’s plan to address this issue in a video signifying the start of the command’s efforts. Listening sessions and command climate surveys, coupled with a thorough assessment of the feedback provided will be used to chart the way ahead for the command. Pardew articulated his desire for ACC in the context of this Army-wide campaign.“ACC is a tremendously powerful organization that is already high performing, but we can do better and it should be our goal to be the most desirable place to work in our Army. We should be proud of where we work. We should want to go there every day, be proud of our mission and take pride in the professionalism and diversity of the workforce.”The number of Black and Hispanic female leaders, looking at recruiting, mentoring, training and hiring processes underscore the initial focus areas for Pardew and ACC leadership.Daly offered his support for Pardew’s plan saying, “Listening sessions will continue in perpetuity and will become more sophisticated” and that this overall campaign is “not a flash in the pan and not going away.”Pardew also provided an update on ACC’s workload glide path for the current fiscal year as well as an update on contract management related to the COVID-19 fight. He recognized the ACC-New Jersey and ACC-Aberdeen Proving Ground contracting centers for bearing the largest portion of the contracting workload since the spread of the pandemic to the United States. The Mission and Installation Contracting Command, headquartered at Joint Base San Antonio, was recognized for its continued support to U.S. Army North during this pandemic. Additionally, Pardew reported that since its inception, there have been no contracting shortfalls in supporting Operation Warp Speed. Some of ACC’s top performing employees were also recognized during the briefing for their hard work:Ms. Nancy Small (ACC-Small Business Director) Army Superior Civilian Award, for her outstanding performance as the AMC Director Office of Small Business Programs for over 12 yearsMs. Linda Fowlkes (ACC-HQ Contract Operations), for her exceptional contributions in support of Operation Warp Speed.Ms. Camille Connell-Magaw, Branch Chief, KO, ACC-APG Natick, for her work as key leader in ACC’s support of BARDA and Operation Warp Speed.Mr. Larry Mize, Branch Chief (ACC-APG Natick), for his instrumental role in the Department of Defense’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.Daly concluded the briefing by stressing the importance of inclusion and taking action.“If there is one thing, and I’m committed to a lot of things, that I’m committed to in particular over the next however many years I’m here, it’s to ensure that we improve and move the ball significantly in terms of diversity….but ladies and gentlemen you know that words whisper but actions thunder.”