SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. - During a ceremony here at the headquarters building, Lt. Col. Billy Tucker and Sgt. Maj. Chay Blount were sworn in as the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command’s new inspector general and IG sergeant major August 13.The mission of the IG is to provide “impartial, objective and unbiased advice and oversight” to the commanding general through “relevant, timely and thorough inspections, investigations and training to promote and enable stewardship, accountability, integrity, efficiency, good order and discipline.” SDDC has a team of four achieving this mission on a day-to-day basis.“As the eyes and ears of the commanding general, I want to develop a bond with her so that she has total trust in me to respond to any issues,” said Tucker.“It’s not just about investigating, it is about teaching and training the workforce to uphold the standards set before them,” he added. “I want to develop a trust between our office and the Soldiers and civilians of SDDC.Blount says he will focus on providing oversight of the IG office on behalf of the commanding general. His goal is to “improve mission accomplishment within the working environment.”“If people are not happy in their workspace, it will affect the mission,” he said. “That is part of my job, to ensure the work environment of civilians and Soldiers is what they need to accomplish the mission.”SDDC Commanding General Brig. Gen. Heidi Hoyle says the IG office’s role is essential to the command’s success.“I’m excited to have a great new Inspector General team on board,” she said. “Their work inspires confidence and integrity and is critical to setting and maintaining the right conditions for a safe, effective and efficient working environment throughout the command.”