Maj. Gen. Clement S. Coward Jr., commander, 32d Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC), relinquished command to Brig. Gen. David F. Stewart August 13, 2020, on Noel Parade Field, Fort Bliss, Texas, after a successful two-year tenure as “Blackjack 6.”Throughout Coward’s command the division supported numerous exercises, executed multiple FORSCOM rehearsal of concept drills in support of contingency mission planning and mission rehearsal exercises for four Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Brigades and several ADA Battalions.The command has had units participate in exercises held in North America, Europe, the Pacific, and the Middle East. All of these operations culminated in the 32d AAMDC’s capstone exercise, Roving Sands 2019.The host of the ceremony was Gen. Michael X. Garrett, commanding general, U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM), who gave accolades to the 32d AAMDC for the great strides the organization has made despite an aggressive and relentless deployment cycle.“Since Clem Coward took command two years ago, the 32d has made impressive strides in maintaining readiness and lethality. Under his command, the 32d has embodied its motto ‘Swift and Sure,’” stated Garrett.Coward thanked Garrett for hosting the ceremony and for recognizing the great men and women of the 32d AAMDC stating “You provide a command climate across all of FORSCOM that empowers commanders to lead under the mission command environment that you establish no matter where they serve.”He also recognized the major commands, national leaders, and partnered nations who collectively enable the air and missile defense Soldiers to “engage and destroy aerial threats to save and protect the tens of thousands of the Joint Force spread across the entire Middle East.”Coward concluded his remarks with a simple statement to the Soldiers who he has had the privilege to command, “I hope to have made a difference in at least one of your lives because you have made a difference in mine.”Stewart thanked the officers, distinguished guests, the El Paso community, family, friends and Soldiers who were present at the ceremony.“I am humbled and thrilled to serve in the greatest Army in the world, and looking up at the Franklin Mountains, El Paso is home once again."Stewart also thanked Coward for his exceptional leadership, care of the Soldiers, Families of this unit, and concluded his remarks with “Freedoms guardians, swift and sure, people first, and winning matters.”