The crew of 2nd Section, 1st Platoon, com¬prised of Staff Sgt. Daniel Smith, Pfc. Lamar Howe, Sgt. Patrick Duah, Staff Sgt. Victor Simental, Spc Sawyer McCook, Spc Caleb Epps, Sgt Harlin Moody and Spc Jacob Feeney, earned the Top Gun award Aug. 7 on Fort Stewart.Soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 41st Field Artillery, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, competed in the Top Gun com¬petition for the Top Gun, Top Fire Direction Center awards, and the Expert Gunner Badge.The competition tested the Soldiers’ knowledge and mastery of being a field artillery Soldier.Leading up to the event, Soldiers executed rig¬orous training known as artillery tables, during which they conducted written tests, artillery skills proficiency tests and gunner’s tests. They also certified on Artillery Table V which includes every¬thing from establishing a gunline, and position area, for artillery to conduct dry-fire missions. These missions are designed to test the Soldiers’ at the section level without live firing.After that, the Soldiers of the Glory Guns bat¬talion moved on to ATVI. This step in the training closely resembles the previous table, yet involves live fire qualification, emergency fire mis¬sions, and direct fires.McCook said he was happy to see all their hard work payed off.“We trained every day for only about two weeks,” Feeney said. “Other batteries had a lot longer to train.”They received a Top Gun muzzle cover and streamer for their guidon.The 1st Platoon’s FDC section, which was comprised of 1st Lt. Clarice Thomas, Staff Sgt. Robert Jubito and Sgt. Donnie C. Robinson, earned the Top Fire Direction Center award. They also received a guidon streamer as well as a FDC antenna flag which is flown proud¬ly on the antenna of their track vehicle.“I’m proud to achieve Top FDC because I’ve been chasing it ever since I came to the battalion in 2015,” said Jubito. “The knowl¬edge and equipment across the Battalion was pivotal to our success.”The Expert Gunner badge was awarded to staff sergeants John Paul Taylor and Willy Zapata for demonstrating expert proficiency on their howitzer’s aiming sight.“Stay focused on your end-state and goal,” said Simental. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.”