FORT SILL, Oklahoma (Aug. 13, 2020) -- The new school year will be challenging because of the pandemic, but Fort Sill school liaison officer Augelica Fleming is here to assist military families with any educational issues their children may be experiencing.Fleming provided answers to the most frequently asked questions and issues that she is asked.What is your role?I work with military families and schools in the Fort Sill area, which includes Comanche, Cotton, and Stephens counties.I’m an advocate on behalf of military families, and support them as they seek the best educational opportunities for their children. This includes public, private, homeschool, and charter school options.How should I approach this uncertain school year?Reach out to me and communicate your concerns and questions. I would be happy to try to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns, or I will send you in the right direction, like to a school principal or administrator who can answer your question.Follow your child’s school’s website and social media platforms.Schools are putting out a number of notifications and classroom and virtual schedules, which are constantly being updated.For example, Cache Public Schools pushed its start date back to give its staff more time to set up classrooms.What are parents saying?One thing I’m hearing from dual-military parents is that the virtual classroom isn’t an option for their children.Neither of the parents are teleworking so they wouldn’t be at home to facilitate the virtual learning for their children.What are my public school options?For families living on post, the designated Lawton Public Schools (LPS) are Freedom Elementary School (it is not DOD), Central Middle School, and Lawton Senior High School.Because of the pandemic, LPS is being liberal with its intradistrict transfers. And, this school year Freedom Elementary is accepting military children who live off post, as well as children of DOD employees working at Fort Sill.Are there any unique educational requirements for Oklahoma schools?Families should familiarize themselves with the Military Interstate Compact, which ensures military high school students’ credits transfer between all 50 states so students can graduate on time.For example, if a military high school student has completed a Colorado state history course, and their sponsor moves to Fort Sill, the student would not be required to take an Oklahoma state history course.The compact also allows military children to try out for activities, such as sports, dance, cheerleading, if they transferred to the school after the tryout deadline.LPS fall sports are on track to begin with safety protocols in place, according to the SillFACTS (Family and Community Team Session) virtual town hall meeting Aug. 4.Does Oklahoma require children to attend pre-kindergarten? Kindergarten?The state does not require children to attend Pre-K. Because it is not an Oklahoma requirement there are limited Pre-K spaces at schools.Oklahoma children are required to attend kindergarten. The child must turn age 5 on or before Sept. 1 of the school year.What is the best school?Fleming said her position does not allow her to provide an opinion on schools. She works with families to find out what they want for their children.For example, parents may want a school that offers a choice of advanced placement courses, and so she can advise them which schools have the most AP offerings.Generally, the largest schools offer more curriculum and extracurricular options while smaller schools may be able to provide more personal attention to the student and family.How do I contact you?I’m currently teleworking, so the best way to contact me is through email: My office number is 580-442-2130, which is being forwarded to my home office.