At one point in every Soldier’s career they will move from job to job as they progress – they normally don’t do it in a single day.For Command Sgt. Maj. Anthony Wilson, he took off his garrison sergeant major’s hat the morning of July 31, only to put on one for the Soldier Support Institute later that day.“The relinquishment of responsibility ceremony culminates over two years of Command Sgt. Maj. Wilson’s incredible service to U.S. Army Garrison Fort Jackson,” said Col. John “Wes” Hankins during the morning ceremony. It also “marks the farewell to a tremendous friend who was a cornerstone of Team Garrison.”Hankins lauded Wilson characterizing him as having central focus on people with “serving others the true focus” behind every action he took. Wilson also contributed to mission success of every organization on Fort Jackson.“You are the epitome of ‘Be, Know, Do’,” Hankins told Wilson during the ceremony. “What a leader is and what a leader does.”Be, Know, Do is a term used to describe the ideal characteristics of Army leadership.“Thank you for the kind words and the guidance,” Wilson said to Hankins during the ceremony.Wilson joked with the garrison command team as he said farewell.Later that day Wilson would take responsibility for SSI from Command Sgt. Jorge Escobedo. Escobedo, who was commandant of the Noncommissioned Officer Academy on post, has been selected as the next U.S. Army Combined Arms Services Command’s senior enlisted leader.SSI is composed of the Adjutant General, Financial Management and Comptroller schools, the Noncommissioned Officers Academy, the Army School of Music, and the 369th Adjutant General Battalion.“My new battle buddy, Command Sgt. Maj. Anthony Wilson clearly has some big boots to fill,” said Col. Steve Aiton, SSI commander. “But, he’s ready. He’s hungry, and he’s up for the challenge … I get to pick my CSM in this job and just like Command Sgt. Maj. Escobedo before him. Command Sgt. Maj. Wilson jumped off the page on another talented slate.“You all know he’s no stranger to Fort Jackson – he got a four-hour break having relinquished responsibility as our garrison CSM earlier today.”Wilson is no stranger to SSI, Aiton added. He served as first sergeant in the unit.He has “literally been there, done that at all echelons: battalion, brigade, division, headquarters and theater and the National Training Center,” Aiton added.The new SSI senior enlisted leader’s credentials speak volumes.“They speak to an NCO who’s led from the front, sees every opportunity to get better and understand what lifelong learning is all about,”Aiton said.Wilson thanked Aiton for his trust saying, “You will get 100% from me every day.”Aiton lauded Escobedo as an expert team builder and problem solver who is the best person who could’ve been selected for his new job.“Now you can’t win anything without cohesive teams, collaboration and partnerships,” Aiton said. “Command Sgt. Maj. Escobedo is hands down one of the best team builders I know. He’s here today with an SSI team that is tighter and more focused than ever before.”Escobedo who enlisted in 1994 as a Personnel Record Specialist and served in many leadership positions during his career. He was the first non-infantry series noncommissioned officer to serve as a Ranger company first sergeant.Wilson thanks Escobedo for helping him fit into the SSI Team.Escobedo “and Team SSI, thank you for preparing me for this adventure. I really appreciate it,” he said. “It took me a while; it took me 20 years to join this team. With that said. Team SSI let’s get after it.