Brig. Gen. Anthony R. Hale, accepted command of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence and Fort Huachuca from Lt. Gen. James E. Rainey, commander, U.S. Army Combined Arms Center during a ceremony held here yesterday.The traditional ceremony kept its key elements but was smaller in scale due to COVID restrictions. Seventy-four guests attended, all socially distanced and masked.In his remarks, Rainey highlighted the importance of Fort Huachuca and the Military Intelligence Corps' key role in protecting the force on the battlefield and creating intel driven operations. He mentioned a proud moment of his own career when he was commander of an intelligence company. He called it a personal favorite, saying Intelligence professionals are known for their excellence. He called Fort Huachuca and the U.S. Army Intelligence Center of Excellence the center of gravity for the intel fight."It's the decisive point where we generate that huge advantage we have as the United States Army of being better at the intel warfighting function than anybody else in the fight," said Rainey.He thanked Maj. Gen. Laura Potter, the former commander of USAICoE, for her service. He referred to her as a visionary leader who translates ideas into reality, who cares for her people and makes them better along the way."You have the skills to see the future, and the skills to drive an organization," Rainey said to Potter. "You are absolutely exceptional."Potter is leaving command of USAICoE after a year in the position to take her next assignment as Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, United States Army, Washington, D.C."One of the great things about the United States Army is we have the ability to replace one phenomenal leader with another. We are reloading our leadership out here at Fort Huachuca," said Rainey. "Tony Hale is the perfect person to take command of the Intelligence Center of Excellence. When I think about him, I think about a commander's warfighting intel officer. He's smart, he's hard, extremely tested in combat, a combat veteran, but at the same time he's a compassionate leader and natural team-builder. I know you're going to continue building up more success here Tony. I wish you nothing but the best."Brig. Gen. Hale comes to USAICoE from United States Special Operations Command."I've spent years operationalizing intelligence and giving it to the warfighters to put steel on target," said Hale. "That is the purest heritage of our corps."The progress we make and visions we realize today and tomorrow will win wars of the future, added Hale.Hale plans to focus the organization on developing leaders of the future, driving needed change, and modernizing the Intelligence Corps, which includes stopping sexual assault and harassment in the Army, improving diversity and inclusiveness, and ending veteran suicides."I couldn't imagine myself standing here 30 years ago when I came to Fort Huachuca as a young lieutenant," said Hale. "I'm very excited to be here and appreciate the warm welcome."The general has been married to his wife, Stacey Hale for 27 years, and has a one-year-old Boxer pup named Bailey."'Mission first, people always' is a mantra that has always resonated with me," said Hale. "I promise to be available, accessible, and approachable to all members of the team and their families. Soldiers, families, contractors, and civilians, are all critical members of this Army family and I want all of them to know I am here for them if they ever need me. I care."The commander asks his team to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate."This is the most important command job in intel for our Army because we train and develop leaders for intel," said Hale. "My command philosophy is: 1. Standards are the core of any unit. They are instilled from day one, and are the quality by which we measure our actions. 2. Discipline is the soul of any unit, the character of our team, the key to our success. 3. Accountability is expected of every member of our service, at every level. 4. Leadership will focus on the unit direction and leaders lead with their actions. I expect leaders to coach, teach, and mentor. 5 Teamwork equals strength in unity, we are all working toward a common goal. 6. People are the most essential ingredient for mission success.We take care of our Soldiers, civilians, contractors, and their families. We will treat all members and our community with dignity and respect. Those are my only demands, dignity and respect; and total honesty."Hale looks forward to getting out and about on Fort Huachuca."I don't command a desk or email, I'm a people person. I look forward to getting to know the people."Team Huachuca can look forward to seeing the commander out and about immediately.