Sgt. Reva Catholic50th Public Affairs DetachmentFORT STEWART, Ga. — The 926th Engineer Brigade, headquar­tered at Montgomery, Ala., welcomed its new commander, Col. Kenneth Shubert, during the unit’s change of command cer­emony, July 17 on Fort Stewart.The ceremony was held after the bri­gade completed a combined-arms, wet-gap-crossing event alongside their active duty counterparts. The 3rd Infantry Division’s commanding general, Maj. Gen. Tony Aguto, and the XVIII Airborne Corps commander, Lt. Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla, were in attendance for the suc­cessful wet gap crossing event, which fea­tured M1 Abrams tanks crossing a floating bridge constructed by the 926th.According to Soldiers and leaders of the brigade, the outgoing commander, Col. Steven Hayden, served the brigade with distinction while maintaining readiness through effective training.“My time as commander was very eventful,” Hayden said. “The culminating events and Iron Castle University [training and mentoring program for the junior captains] was really me giving a vision to the staff and supporting units and being inspired by seeing them accomplish that.”Soldiers expressed how impactful Hayden’s command has been to the Brigade, while also embracing Shubert as their new commander.“It was enlightening working with Col. Hayden,” said Maj. Mark Desouza, an assistant plans officer assigned to the 926th Engineer Brigade. “He pushed us ahead by leaps and bounds beyond what we were before.”Desouza offered his enthusiasm for the 926th’s future and for Shubert as a driving force in their continued success.Capt. Philip Parenti, assistant plans offi­cer for the 926th said, “It’s been really excit­ing, yet a whole lot of work building the many exercises and advertising our engi­neering capabilities during Col. Hayden’s command.”Parenti said he’s excited to have Shubert continue the vision that Hayden estab­lished for the brigade and he’s looking forward to witnessing where the brigade goes.Shubert expressed his excitement for maintaining the legacy of excellence as the new commander of the 926th.“I’d like to continue the upward trajec­tory that Col. Hayden has started with the brigade, in terms of readiness and our ability to deploy rapidly and fight,” Shubert said.After seeing the capabilities and readi­ness of the 926th during the wet gap cross­ing event in front of some of the Army’s premier commanders and leadership, Shubert said he is looking forward to being the most combat-ready brigade in the U.S. Army Reserves.