Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.Military Occupational Specialty: Information Protection Technician (MOS 255S)Duty title: Senior Information Protection Technician, serving as senior technical advisor for the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) current operations divisionQUICK SKETCH:-- Enlisted as a Signal Support Systems Specialist (MOS 25U) in the Signal branch-- As a junior warrant officer he was selected for a Training With Industry tour with Microsoft, as part of efforts to create a mutually beneficial relationship between the Army and commercial industry partners-- Served in a broadening opportunity as a Senior Cyber Operations Technician in the Army Cyber Protection Brigade, and supported 15 missions with global impact-- Served as the first Senior Information Technician and senior technical advisor for NETCOM’s current operations divisionON WHAT HE LIKES ABOUT BEING PART OF THE NETCOM TEAM AND THE SIGNAL CORPS:“What I like most about being part of NETCOM is the ability to influence the overall impact of the Army’s Network Enterprise environment.”ON WHAT UNIQUE CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES HE FEELS A CAREER WITH NETCOM AND THE SIGNAL CORPS OFFERS:“Being that I welcome change and innovation, assisting with the transformation of the Department of Defense Information Network-Army (DODIN-A) from ARCYBER (Army Cyber Command) to NETCOM is one of the most challenging but rewarding opportunities I’ve experienced thus far in my career.”ON WHAT HE WOULD SAY TO SOMEONE WHO IS CONSIDERING FOLLOWING HIS CAREER PATH IN NETCOM AND THE SIGNAL CORPS:“A career path at NETCOM compels one to stay ahead of the Digital Age. Your expert opinion is constantly sought after to collectively solve complex problems. Forward thinking is imperative as a valued member of the NETCOM team and the Signal Corps. Be inclined toward emerging technical capabilities within a cloud infrastructure.”ON WHAT A CAREER WITH NETCOM AND THE SIGNAL CORPS OFFERS THAT OTHER CAREER PATHS DON’T:“A career with NETCOM as a Signal Corps member is the tip of the spear for operations within the DODIN-A. You will have an enjoyable experience being a part of an ever-evolving environment. Unlike other assignments, NETCOM is the pinnacle point of a Signal Corps member’s career path.”-----ABOUT US: United States Army Cyber Command integrates and conducts full-spectrum cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, and information operations, ensuring freedom of action for friendly forces in and through the cyber domain and the information environment, while denying the same to our adversaries.Interested in the challenge of joining the Army Cyber team? Check out military and civilian cyber career and employment opportunities by clicking on the "Careers" tab at www.arcyber.army.milLearn more about the Army Network Enterprise Technology Command at netcom.army.mil/