LANDSTUHL, Germany – Landstuhl Regional Medical Center bid farewell to LRMC’s top enlisted Service Member during a Relinquishment of Responsibility where Command Sgt. Maj. Thurman Reynolds relinquished responsibility as LRMC command sergeant major.The position of command sergeant major is considered the senior noncommissioned officer in a command, with responsibilities to include carrying out and enforcing policies and standards on performance, training, appearance and conduct of the organization.“I believe there’s five keys to success: communication, teamwork, core values, discipline and life balance,” said Reynolds. “Hopefully I've done a fairly decent job of all five of those. However, my success isn't by my individual accomplishments, my success comes from (Soldiers).”During his time at LRMC, Reynolds pushed for increased authority and responsibilities for NCOs at LRMC, implementing hands-on, practical training sessions for Soldiers, often referred to as sergeant’s time training, and helped communicate enlisted concerns during Army Medicine reformation and COVID-19 response efforts.“(Reynolds has) done an amazing job these past two years leading our medical center to increasing levels of achievement,” said U.S. Army Col. Michael Weber, commander, LRMC. “You and your family deserve to be proud of the many sacrifices you have all made in support of our Joint Warfighter.”Reynolds, who assumed responsibility as the 24th command sergeant major at LRMC on Aug. 1, 2018, will head to San Antonio Military Medical Center to serve as the Level I Trauma Center’s next top enlisted.Over the past two years, under Reynolds’ leadership, LRMC held 1.2 million outpatient visits, 2,600 X-rays, 1.2 million laboratory analysis, more than 8,600 patients admitted, more than 25,000 inpatient days, more than 1,500 births, and more than 7,900 prescriptions filled.“One of the things that we've done at this Medical Center, which I really haven't seen the other medical centers, is a lot of training,” said Reynolds. “Countless hours of weekly training, culminating into Operation Courageous Defender, a large field training exercise, which most medical centers don’t do. We did this in collaboration with the 30th Medical Brigade and other partners.“(Reynolds) has consistently found the decisive terrain and taken whatever action was required to improve our situation. But always tempered action with wisdom,” said Weber. “Your job is to lead soldiers, to ensure they're trained and ready to fight our nation's wars and to bring them home again. You’ve done that well.”“I’m super proud of everything this team does,” said Reynolds. “To Team legacy, you are the trusted professionals of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, honorable service to our nation, experts in your craft and you are expected to be faithful stewards of the people, resources and the profession entrusted to your care.”Serving as interim command sergeant major for the brigade-sized element is Command Sgt. Maj. John Contreras, who is currently the hospital’s top enlisted advisor for Troop Command.“I can't thank (Reynolds) enough in the short period of time that I've been here, your counsel and the guidance I need as a young senior noncommissioned officer getting put in this opportunity,” said Contreras. “I wish you the best of luck luck as you travel down there. They're getting truly one of the best in the army.”