REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Sgt. Maj. of the Army Michael Grinston, the personal advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Army on matters affecting the enlisted force, visited Redstone Arsenal, Aug. 5 to discuss quality of life initiatives – including child care, housing and permanent change of station moves – that enable readiness.Grinston toured one of Redstone’s child development centers and met with the senior leaders from Redstone Arsenal’s Garrison, Army Materiel Command and other tenant units. Throughout the visit, he emphasized one of his priorities: ensuring the health and safety of Soldiers’ living conditions.“We are constantly trying to do better.” Grinston said. “We have to keep up with these things and fix them so that we can get ahead of the curve.”Grinston said that ownership should permeate through the command structure, stressing that leaders must be involved in improving barracks sustainment and restoration.AMC leaders highlighted the new Installation Management Command Digital Garrison App, a one-stop information source for Army communities that will eventually allow Soldiers living in the barracks to submit work orders digitally.“I want the routine maintenance of our barracks better,” Grinston said. “When a Soldier moves into the barracks, it should be to the same standard of on-post housing.”Grinston also spoke about Project Inclusion, the Army’s new initiative that fosters diversity, equity and inclusion across the force. He underscored the importance of leaders at all level embracing the concept of, “This is my squad.”In an effort to build cohesive teams, Grinston encouraged leaders to engage with their Soldiers and ask questions.“The first question you should ask is how they grew up,” he said. “When we can take the time to listen and talk to our Soldiers, it shows you care about them. Be very direct and ask the tough questions. I believe that our Soldiers want us to do better. We still need to sit down with our people, talk to them and get to know them.”