The Army Antiterrorism Program protects personnel, information, property and facilities daily from threats all over the world.This year, due to the pandemic impacting the country, Antiterrorism Awareness Month looks different than in years past. Though most Redstone Arsenal employees don’t have to travel through physical security checkpoints to get to work, it’s just as important to be vigilant while working from home.“Terrorism is an enduring, persistent, worldwide threat to our nation, our Army and us,” said Josette Paschal, U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command antiterrorism program manager.“Antiterrorism is the prevention or abatement of terrorism,” said Paul Quintel, AMCOM security specialist and operations security program manager. “Since you are working from home and not in the protected environment of the installation, you are more vulnerable to direct threats. Your workspace is accessible to anyone entering your home and your physical security of that area is important.”Paschal and Quintel urge employees to be particularly watchful during this time when those who wish to do the country harm might look to strike. Staying observant, taking note of and reporting suspicious activity or individuals are vital to everyone’s protection.“Your actions are critical to prevent, identify and mitigate the impact of potential terrorist attacks,” Paschal said. “We all help provide the advanced warning needed to defend against terrorism if we remain aware and notify others when we see something.”“The adversary is still out there and still wants to disrupt your life and possibly cause harm to you or your family,” Quintel said, adding that employees should follow some basic rules:- Stay alert at all times. Be aware of your surroundings.- If you see something, say something.- Know your local law enforcement phone numbers, not only 911.Personnel are reminded that security is a shared responsibility – no one person holds the key. Information will be disseminated weekly throughout August to increase antiterrorism awareness; the first of the series was distributed Aug. 5.Employees should know their respective security manager is and how to reach him/her. AMCOM’s Protection Branch Office can be contacted at for more information.