ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Since many children will be virtual learning or home schooling this year, it is more likely they will be home when severe weather or a disaster strikes.Being prepared for disasters starts at home. Everyone can participate - young children, teenagers and adults can all take part in the process.As a parent, guardian or other family member, you have an important role in protecting the children in your life and helping them be prepared in case disaster strikes.1. Build a kit: The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s recommendations for what should be in kits for the home, vehicle and work can be found online at Learn the evacuation plan: Where will you meet in the event of a house fire or other catastrophic event? The National Fire Protection Association has tips for making an evacuation plan at under Public Education.3. Decide who to call and when: Post phone numbers in plain sight for the local police, fire department, schools, relatives, the American Red Cross, physicians and other important numbers your children or you may need to access quickly.Visit for information and materials to build your family emergency plan, information on helping children cope after a disaster and tips to help your children be ready when disaster strikes.Learning can be fun. Games can be used to teach your children what to do in an emergency. Ideas are available at opportunities for teenagers to volunteer, develop skills and be leaders.With the right tools, children and their families can be prepared, whether they are at home, school or anywhere else.One tool everyone on depot can use to remain informed of incidents which impact the operations of Anniston Army Depot is the Alert! notification system.Employees who are not currently in the system should take time to register.How to sign up for the Alert! notification systemIf you are not registered for Alert!, you should see a message requiring registration when you use your common access card, or CAC, to access the Anniston Army Depot computer network.Choosing “Register Now” opens a web browser and begins the registration process.You’ll need to choose the authentication credentials for your CAC and agree to the conditions of use.The client information page contains three parts:• Personal Information• Contact Methods• AssociationsThere are required fields, noted by the presence of *, in each section.The CAC EDIPI number can be found on back of your CAC.Fill out all pertinent and required information.In the Associations area, choose your military location (Army / USNORTHCOM / Anniston Army Depot), command structure (Depot Anniston (W0LXAA)), address and other relevant attributes.Once you are registered, you can update your information at any time by clicking the blue icon with the exclamation point, which is accessed by clicking the up arrow in the taskbar of your computer.Right clicking the icon will bring up a menu allowing you to choose to edit your information or open the Alert! system.For additional information, contact the Depot Operations Office at Ext. 4769.