VILSECK, Germany - Faith. Fellowship. Family. These three words define the lifetime of service for U.S. Army Sgt. Benjamin Weston, assigned to the Regimental Engineer Squadron, 2d Cavalry Regiment.Weston’s selfless service started before he joined the military. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he served as a missionary to Ukraine where he learned Russian and Ukrainian.After meeting the intellectual and physical challenges of his Christian mission, his desire to continue his humanitarian efforts guided him to the Army. In 2008, he enlisted and served five years before transitioning to the reserve component.While earning a master’s degree, he yearned for the fellowship of Soldiers.“One of the things I missed was the brotherhood,” said Weston. “The friendships you form is one thing I loved.”After consulting with his wife and children, the Weston family returned to the active duty component in 2018 where he currently serves as a cryptologic analyst. His faith and family inspire him to continue his service.“The group of Christians we have here keep me going,” said Weston. “My wife is my rock. She keeps me balanced.”Weston keeps a positive mentality, even during COVID-19, focusing on his family, Soldiers and his church to continue his selfless service to his faith and country.