JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas (July 30, 2020) – A team of contracting professionals from the Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Fort Stewart contracting office and 904th Contracting Battalion in Georgia provided contract support to the 86th Engineer Dive Detachment while on mission to the San Juan Islands in Washington State.In order for the 86th EDD to accomplish the joint mission with the Washington state government, the 86th EDD needed assistance from MICC-Fort Stewart.The MICC-Fort Stewart contracting office took the lead for this procurement due to its proximity to the 86th EDD’s higher headquarters: the 92nd Engineer Battalion located at Fort Stewart.In less than two weeks, the MICC’s Joshua Fejeran, a contracting officer; Melvin Reid, a contract specialist; and Robert Rutkowski, a purchasing agent, successfully executed a short-notice contract award in support of the 86th EDD. They contracted for a large barge, several zodiacs, a pilot, other equipment for the dive team, a mission support vessel with a diving pool, and an onboard capability to safely move all of equipment and personnel from shore to the worksite for the mission.“Without the world-class support of Joshua Fejeran and his team, this mission would not have occurred nor been successful,” said Lt. Col. Torrionne Reché, the 904th CBN commander. “The 904th CBN stands ready to provide contracting support to assist our mission partners anywhere in the United States.”The Washington State Department of Natural Resources requested support from the 86th EDD to remove derelict fish nets from the bottom of the Strait of Georgia in the vicinity of the San Juan Islands.Officials from the Department of Natural Resources said fishing nets do not degrade in marine waters and continue to entangle marine animals and damage their habitats; warranting their removal to eliminate negative impacts.The Washington State DNR does not have the ability to dive deeper than 100 feet and instead relied on the 86th EDD that has the ability to dive to 190 feet.The 86th EDD and DNR applied for assistance from the Innovative Readiness Training Program for this project.Innovative readiness training is a collaborative program that leverages military contributions and community resources to multiply value and cost savings for participants. Communities typically provide materials and basic services while military units contribute personnel and training resources. IRT missions produce mission ready forces, civil-military partnerships and stronger communities.“This cooperation program between community partners and the military allows both entities to meet their goals,” Reché said. “This mission is an excellent training opportunity for the 86th due to the real-world technical demands of deep and high current diving.”About the MICC:Headquartered at JBSA-Fort Sam Houston, Texas, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command consists of about 1,500 military and civilian members who are responsible for contracting goods and services in support of Soldiers as well as readying trained contracting units for the operating force and contingency environment when called upon. As part of its mission, MICC contracts are vital in feeding more than 200,000 Soldiers every day, providing many daily base operations support services at installations, facilitate training in the preparation of more than 100,000 conventional force members annually, training more than 500,000 students each year, and maintaining more than 14.4 million acres of land and 170,000 structures.Mission and Installation Contracting MICC mission us on with us on LinkedIn more images on Flickr MICC YouTube