WIESBADEN, Germany - Beginning Aug. 13, the Wiesbaden Postal Service Center will no longer accept hand-written customs forms when mailing packages.Customers at military post offices will be required to create an online U.S. Postal Service account and fill out customs forms before mailing packages.All customers are encouraged to create a USPS account now, before they need to mail a package, so that they can familiarize themselves with the process, said Derick Ferrer, supervisory postmaster.People who want help can come to the post office and use the laptops there during opening hours from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and employees will be available to assist, he said.“We are here to support our customers and make sure all their shipping needs are taken care of,” Ferrer said. “If a customer has a question, our staff is ready to help.”Customers with a usps.com account can prepare an electronic customs form including pre-paid postage at home at their Click-N-Ship website, http://cns.usps.com. This will create one label for everything and is not currently available at the post office. Patrons will need to weigh and measure their package. Customers can print their electronic customs form on regular printer paper. The post office has clear envelopes that will hold the form and affix it to the parcel.Patrons whose Click-N-Ship transactions are blocked by fraud prevention software, which is common for overseas users, may request to be added to the exceptions list, or white list, at the post office. The clerk will need the patron's Click-N-Ship email address and account number, which is located in the top right corner of the "Shipping history" page on the Click-N-Ship website. Once submitted, USPS headquarters will typically add users to their white list within 72 business hours.Those without an account can prepare an electronic customs form without postage at home at http://cfo.usps.com.