CAMP WALKER, Republic of Korea – The Kelly Fitness Center at USAG Daegu offers a new 60-minute fitness class that welcomes members of all physicality to join a group of highly motivated individuals who are in for some sweat — and some good times.Fitness Infusion, led by Daegu Family and MWR fitness instructor James Mathis, is a calisthenic class designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced level fitness lovers who want to get into exercising or maintain their physiques.Individuals have the flexibility of determining how much intensity they want by scaling up or down on the weights and repetitions. The group fitness exercise targets every single muscle in the body with a mix of cardiovascular training to improve endurance. A blast of high-tempo music is incorporated to increase team spirit.“It’s a great way for the community to bond together, sweat together and do something fun together,” said Fitness Infusion instructor James Mathis. “This class introduces fitness, which is vital to everyone’s survivability in the world. It’s a great way to boost your immune system, your health and your wellness.”"It’s a great way for the community to bond together, sweat together, and do something fun together." - Fitness Infusion instructor James MathisMathis said his favorite part of being an instructor is building the community and relationships.“Sometimes, it’s not just about fitness because wellness covers everything,” he said.During a recent class, participants started off with several minutes of stretching. Then they conducted eight different exercises with as many repetitions as possible, which included kettlebell swings, push-ups, kettlebell cleans, long jump step-backs, kettlebell goblet squats, v-ups, kettlebell overhead extensions and air squats with front kicks. The class ended with a cool down stretch and a quick lesson from the instructor on how to check target heart rate.Rebecca Lentz, a teacher at Daegu Middle High School, said one of her goals is to get more exercise and maintain her health.Lentz, who will be incorporating what she learned in class at home with her own equipment, said what she enjoys most about the class is the social time she gets with all the other participants.Everyone should take the class, she added.Everyone should take the class - Daegu Middle High School teacher Rebecca Lentz“Camaraderie … and the instructor is fabulous,” said Rosemary Alicea, a returning Fitness Infusion member. “This class helps with my flexibility and motion.”To join this high-intensity, short-interval fitness class, community members can simply show up at 10 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Kelly Fitness Center on Camp Walker. No registration needed beforehand — just bring some motivation.For more classes, programs and activities with Daegu Family and MWR, go to