July 22, 2020Team CECOM,COVID-19 is continuing to hit our nation hard, reversing the positive trends we were seeing several weeks ago. Many of you are located in states with severe increases in cases, such as Arizona and Texas. Even in our headquarters state of Maryland, where many of our employees live and work, cases are increasing as well. In total, more than 32,000 DoD military personnel, civilians, dependents, and contractors have tested positive. This is deeply disappointing and troubling.Over the last several months, we've heard frequent encouragement through various channels to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to protect others and ourselves. But as the nation has grown weary of restrictions, many citizens have become fatigued and complacent, and in some cases, those messages are falling on deaf ears. I urge you not to let yourself or your teammates fall into that category.In the military, we often say we are "different" - that we are part of a cause bigger than ourselves. That calling extends to our COVID-19 response as well. While all citizens have a responsibility to protect their families and neighbors, this community must also ensure our mission to provide C5ISR readiness continues uninterrupted. Every step we take into complacency, no matter how inconsequential it may seem in the moment, increases the likelihood that COVID-19 will disrupt our operations and jeopardize Soldiers in harm's way. They are counting on us, and we cannot allow that to happen.Please continue to do your part by avoiding large gatherings, practicing physical distancing, washing your hands frequently, and wearing a face covering when you cannot keep six feet of physical distance. I do not have a crystal ball to tell you how long we will all have to follow this guidance - no one does. But no matter how long it takes - months or even years - our commitment to our men and women in uniform does not have an expiration date. And it will not waver on the whims of whatever COVID-19 decides to throw at us next.Thank you as always for all you do. It's a privilege to call you my brothers and sisters in arms in this fight.Sincerely,MG Kilgo