On a typical deployment, Soldiers deal with separation from loved ones and their homes. For some Soldiers on top of these normal trials, there is added leadership and responsibility.This is the case for Capt. Patrick Shuart, the commander of the 42nd Infantry Division’s Headquarters and Headquarters Company.“As the Commander of HSC, I am in charge of approximately 195 Soldiers,” said Shuart. “Ranging from cooks, maintenance, inspector general Soldiers, and other special staff to the Commanding General.”This dynamic command can allow for a special relationship between the company and the command.“My job is to administratively assist the 42nd HHBN [Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion] and 42nd Division in command and control,” said Shuart.This command and control can be critical, especially during a deployment where Soldiers are often located in different areas.“This deployment is a very challenging deployment for both my Soldiers and I,” said Shuart. “It’s very atypical considering the challenges that the entire world has seen with COVID-19.”Guidance has been provided for COVID-19 by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, along with the Department of Defense.“This has had an impact on our forces abroad,” said Shuart. “From force flow to how we conduct our daily meetings.”Despite obstacles with COVID-19, this has not stopped the company’s mission.“I would say my Soldiers have beyond successfully completed their mission so far,” said Shuart. “My mechanics are working their normal duty day, they’re taking appropriate precautions for their safety, and they’re all doing their mission as expected and excelling at it.”Shuart will continue as HSC’s commander, leading Soldiers in a deployed environment.“I’m here to be an advocate for my Soldiers,” said Shuart.