FORT KNOX, Ky. —Lt. Col. Brad Morgan relinquished command of the 19th Engineer Battalion to Lt. Col. Christopher Beal during a change of command ceremony at Waybur Theater here July 24.About 40 Soldiers, family members and guests attended the 30-minute event with over 900 others viewing it on Facebook Live throughout the day.At the start of the ceremony, Beal received the unit’s colors, then swapped sides with Morgan between the ceremony’s host, 20th Engineer Brigade Commander Col. George Walter Jr., as the three of them marched to the end of the stage and halted:“Attention to orders! The undersigned assumes command of the 19th Engineer Battalion effective 24 July 2020. Signed, Christopher O. Beal, lieutenant colonel, engineer, commanding.”After receiving the colors from Morgan and passing them to Beal, Walter shared a brief history of the 19th ENG before saying goodbye to Morgan and his wife, Becky, wishing them well at their next duty station in Miami.“This is the largest engineer battalion in the United States Army. It is over 1,050 Soldiers, and generally there is enough equipment — and this is just talking physical assets — that it would cost $250 million to buy everything back again, not including any of the buildings, or any of the great people, which are not replaceable,” said Walter. “Under Brad’s leadership, he has resourced multiple missions.”Walter highlighted missions the 19th ENG completed during Morgan’s command; missions as varied as combat support in Afghanistan, customs protection at the southern U.S. border, three Combat Training Center rotations, continued construction of only the second steel cutting bunker in the U.S. Army and engineering support to other installations, including Fort Campbell, Kentucky.Morgan also oversaw over 55 unique projects that have saved the Army more than $12 million, according to Walter.Walter then welcomed Beal and his wife, Tiffany, to the team. Walter said Beal is the right leader to continue the 19th’s legacy.“He has done everything the Army has ever asked, and now the Army has given him, once again, the ultimate responsibility, which is command,” said Walter. “Take it very seriously, but enjoy every day.”Morgan kept his speech short, fighting back emotions as he thanked God, his wife, and the unit’s leaders and Soldiers.“We’re 19th for life, so just reach out if there’s ever anything I can do for you,” said Morgan. Turning to Beal: “Get ready for the ride. It is truly an incredible adventure, so enjoy every minute.”Beal said he is looking forward to taking the unit through its next chapter.“Seahorse Battalion, this is Seahorse 6 signing on,” said Beal. “All policies and procedures remain in effect. Stand tall!”