Child and Youth services, others hiring at Fort Riley

By Collen McGeeJuly 23, 2020

A hiring fair for Child and Youth services July 21 saw about 20 applicants receive notice of the positions they would begin once the onboarding process was complete.

Racheal McPherson learned she was officially selected as a child youth program assistant and that was good news for her.

“I’ve been wanting to work with kids more often and be able to serve them in any way that they need,” she said. “So, I’m really excited.”

Making that announcement and seeing the applicant’s reaction is a positive experience for Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation Human Resources Officer Jennifer Jinks.

“When we have somebody come in like that and they're excited, that's my favorite part of my job,” Jinks said. “When they're excited, that makes it even better because, you know, it's a good feeling to be able to give somebody a job and have them walk out of here happy and knowing that they're going to be a part of MWR.”

This job fair was specifically for child youth program assistant positions, but Jinks said there are about 83 of open positions with MWR; including the CYP assistant jobs.

Some of the other positions listed include cooks, bartenders, custodians, outdoor recreation specialists and an operations assistant position at Warrior Zone. The place to find those listings is

Jinks advises job seekers to not wait for that perfect job because that first MWR job could lead to another.

“Now, a lot of people start in these jobs,” she said. “It's not their ideal job but they've got their eye on something else on the installation.”

Not only are the positions a foot in the door with federal service, the child program assistant positions also have few requirements beyond a clean background check and a high school diploma. Jinks said that CYS has a training program. However, those with higher levels of education can start at a higher rate of pay.

“The child youth program assistant starts at $12.90 an hour,” said Jinks who explained that was entry-level and there is also a skill level and a target level for those positions. “Skill level is $14.21 per hour and target level is about $15.”

Jinks said college education or experience are applicable to reach a higher rate of pay to start.

Though the positions for the recent hiring fair are filled, a new announcement opened on the day of the event. Jinks said there will be a recruitment add open until all the jobs are filled.

Applicants will be reviewed and those qualified will be sent to the hiring authority approximately every week based on the number of applications received.