Leader Staff ReportsResidents in Fort Jackson housing have begun seeing an uptick in completed work orders since Fort Jackson Family Homes began a new program to rectify any outstanding maintenance issues.Judy Boley, the Balfour Beatty Community Manager, said during a recent town hall that the new program was designed to “better serve” the housing community. Balfour Beatty is also known as Fort Jackson Family Homes.She also explained how 246 of 360 work orders from March through May have been completed. The remaining work orders are expected to be completed by the end of July.The program will give technicians and certified contractors’ four visits to a home where they can address maintenance issues including those from appliances and even heating, ventilation and air conditioning units.All this will occur after residents receive emails in advance announcing inspection dates and times.Emergency work orders should be called in to (803) 787-6416 and routine work orders can be reported using the resident’s portal.The new program coincides with the release of an Army report June 22 regarding the Fall 2019 on-post housing satisfaction survey, which indicated a 5.6 point increase in Fort Jackson’s service satisfaction scores.Ann Garner, director of Fort Jackson’s Directorate of Public Works, said completing the survey helps residents communicate their satisfaction of completed work orders with installation leadership. Each resident will receive a survey shortly after work orders and maintenance is completed, she added.Fort Jackson Family Homes is striving to get a five rating from residents on the survey.“You have recourse if you are not satisfied with a maintenance activity. One is called a Satisfacts Survey,” Garner said. “Fill it out to let us know if the work was performed to the quality and timeliness you deserve.”