FORT KNOX, Ky. — The opposing forces village in Training Area 7 at Fort Knox was considered difficult enough to reach because of soil erosion that troops in a Humvee would likely avoid it.So before 15 19th Engineer Battalion Soldiers from 4th Platoon, 42nd Clearance Company, finalized plans to use the road for hasty improvised explosive device road repair training earlier this month, leaders came up with a better idea: fix the road.Improve it they did, said 42nd Company Commander Capt. Preston Taylor, as the route clearance engineers devoted June 2-22 to making it better than it had ever been.“Once our construction cell got involved and started to look at what we were doing, they said, ‘Well, that’s good but if we’re going to build a road, we’re going to build it to standard.’ It went from a small training event where we would throw some gravel down and fix the erosion to a full-on road requiring actual construction oversight, and quality assurance and control.“Tactical training turned into an actual construction project.”Taylor said the construction project was a first for his Soldiers.In the era of COVID-19, there were extra challenges to overcome in the planning process.“They couldn’t have any more than 10 people in an area, and leaders had to make sure nobody was violating that restraint,” said Taylor. “They managed the shifts, got the resources there, and got the road complete quickly. Luckily they were able to do it before the rain.”The platoon cleared vegetation and obstacles on the first day, including shifting the centerline. The next two days, they established a v-ditch, laid subgrade down and compacted it.The following week, the Soldiers laid fabric and multiple layers, and rolled the entire 840-feet of road by week’s end.“Range operations was really pleased with it, so we were pretty happy about it,” said Taylor.Taylor said he too is pleased with what his engineers were able to accomplish.“I am very proud because my small platoon was able to do this road construction, which is outside of our skillset, that a construction company normally performs,” said Taylor. “I know it was a small road, but it was a pretty big win.”