Tracy McClung | Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas (July 16, 2020) -- The safety and health of military, civilian, contractors and family members who live and work on post is the No. 1 priority for Fort Leavenworth leaders. COVID-19 has changed the way classes and courses have had to operate in the last few months, but finding ways to still conduct face-to-face courses, such as the Pre-Command Course, while maintaining safety was a priority.

Col. Garrick Cramer, commander of Munson Army Health Center, said MAHC and the School for Command Preparation worked together with organizations across post to ensure the safety of everyone on the installation and in the community. MAHC conducted COVID-19 testing of the incoming PCC students before they began classes.

The process began when the students arrived in their vehicles and stopped at the first check point to receive information and their COVID-19 test packet. They then drove to the staging area where MAHC staff had prepped and set up the COVID-19 station. The students remained in their vehicles as the tests were administered.

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Licensed Practical Nurse Spc. Briendl Tabuso, Medical Department Activity, performs COVID-19 testing on Pre-Command Course students 12 July in the Munson Army Health Center parking lot. The testing was performed before to the start of the Pre-Command Course to ensure the safety of students, instructors and community. Photo by Tracy McClung/Munson Army Health Center Public Affairs

“Those soldiers and civilians who were supporting the COVID-19 testing efforts of the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center in preparation for physical attendance of the Pre-Command Course should be applauded,” said Lt. Col. Levar Armstrong, PCC student. “I am sure that a lot of thought and analysis went into the testing planning, as well as the decision to actually have students like myself physically present. It is great to see Army professionals in action with a common goal of adhering to the Army’s No. 1 priority — its people.”

Cramer said the testing has been a joint effort.

“This effort has been a collaboration between the Combined Arms Center, School for Command Prep, Garrison, IHG and many others,” Cramer said. “Everyone has contributed to ensuring this PCC testing is conducted with the risks mitigated. I am proud of the dedicated and professional work performed by the Munson team.”

After the testing is completed, the MAHC laboratory takes the specimens and has the results in less than 24 hours. The processes are in place for students who have positive results.

“The COVID-19 testing process was professionally organized all the way through. From the route signing, to the various checkpoints, all the soldiers and civilians supporting the efforts of the COVID-19 testing were appropriately prepared and eager to do their jobs meticulously and efficiently,” Armstrong said. “Everyone had masks on and were ‘at the ready.’ The non-exit from your vehicle concept worked well and added to the overall safe COVID-19 testing environment experience.”

MAHC will not be testing all incoming students to Fort Leavenworth. Most incoming students will quarantine for 14 days when they arrive to post. For more information on COVID-19, visit the MAHC Facebook page at