PRNG, FORT BUCHANAN, PR – July 7, 2020 – A recipient of the prestigious George C. Marshall Award for Leadership and former Cadet Commander at the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), Sabrina Gutiérrez González has taken a step forward in her career path by joining the Puerto Rico Army National Guard.“Today we commission a young leader who has proven her capabilities as being part of the Nation’s best 10 percent cadets and the recipient of the George C. Marshall Award for Leadership,” said the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico, Maj. Gen. José J. Reyes during Gutiérrez’s commission ceremony at the PRNG Headquarters at Fort Buchanan. “By joining our Organization as a 2nd Lt., Gutiérrez will have the challenge and opportunity to excel in our Guard’s three main missions: Federal, State and Community.”Gutiérrez graduated from the University of Puerto Rico-Cayey with a major in Accounting, a minor in Mathematics and a 3.91 GPA. She was on the Dean’s List for five years. Gutiérrez has also volunteered in a variety of community-based organizations and associations, working to provide food, clothing, and care to the homeless, supporting abused pregnant teens, abused women, and the elderly.With an exceptional record, drive, and commitment, she wanted to prove that she could do exceptionally well in school, taking on whatever challenge she faced.“I had a deep desire to serve, not only the Nation but my people and my Island -- that’s why I decided to join the Puerto Rico National Guard,” said Gutiérrez. “It’s also allowing me to stay close to my family, who is a great motivational factor in my life.”At the ROTC Program, Gutierrez attained a perfect 300 in the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). “I’m grateful the ROTC gave me the chance to develop as a student, a professional and a leader,” Gutiérrez said.“We are receiving in our Guard a fine example of a young leader and outstanding human being,” said Reyes, who in 1989 became the first Puerto Rican ever to receive the Award. “The Puerto Rico National Guard provides the opportunity to improve our people’s quality of life, while serving the higher purpose of protecting our Nation and our Island. We are proud to welcome 2nd Lieutenant Gutiérrez and wish her well during her career as a member of our Institution.”“By being part of the Puerto Rico National Guard, I’ll be able to serve, influence, and develop others. I expect to be challenged beyond my limitations and to overcome obstacles deemed too difficult by others. The kind of motivation and energy I look at in an organization are teamwork, responsibility and pride. The Guard has them all,” Gutiérrez said.Gutiérrez’s commissioning ceremony was one-of-a-kind, as for the first time, and due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it was aired from Washington D.C., and conducted virtually at various locations across the Nation.