For Anissa Nash, a U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command budget analyst, life revolves around numbers.Nash joined AMCOM’s Resource Management Division (G-8) in September 2018. She works in the Appropriated Funds Division, Budget Execution Branch, providing financial management services throughout the command and executing approximately $1.8 million in AMCOM direct resources.“We’re the bill-payers for the organization,” she explained. “We work with our assigned customers, making sure that the right category of funds are available for the purchases they need to make, and that those payments are made at the right time.“I think Budget Execution Branch is unique and interesting, because we get to see some of everything – travel funding, purchase card transactions, funds transmittal and contract actions,” she said. “I like dealing with data and solving problems. From day to day, there are always different problems to solve.”Nash coordinates and reconciles funding for AMCOM’s Command Group, Secretary to the General Staff and G-8 requirements.“Without her ability to work across agency and organizational boundaries, AMCOM would fail in execution of Army Materiel Command allocated resources,” said Scottie Smith, Budget Execution Branch chief. “Nash’s expertise and commitment to excellence led to her selection as one of AMCOM’s Most Valuable Players in September 2019.”Nash, who hails from Port Arthur, Texas, got her start with numbers and budgets in 1986 when she joined the Army as a financial management technician.“At first, I just joined for the college money and was going to do one enlistment, then get out,” she said. “But, I loved it, and 22 years later, I retired as a first sergeant.”Nash hasn’t always work with numbers. With a bachelor’s degree in social science and a master’s degree in management and leadership, her first job as a federal civilian in 2009 put those skills to good use as an outreach services coordinator for Army Community Services in Heidelberg, Germany.“I supported the family members of fallen Solders,” she said. “I felt I was doing a lot of good, helping people connect with survivor services. It was a unique experience, and pretty intense at times, but I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.”Nash’s love for numbers seems to extend beyond paperwork to include people. She and her husband, Charles Nash Jr., a retired Army command sergeant major, have a combined family of six children, ages 12 to 35. Their youngest was born while they were stationed in Germany.After returning to the United States in 2011, Nash found her way back to the world of accounting and finance. She worked for the Government Accountability Office, then the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, before joining AMCOM’s G-8 team.“I really enjoy what I do for AMCOM and the people I work with,” said Nash. “I’m proud to be a part of AMCOM’s overall mission to support the Warfighter by providing top-notch customer service. It’s nice when you can go to work and love what you do, because then it doesn’t really feel like work.”