FORT LEAVENWORTH, Kansas – As training requirements evolve, Soldiers and leaders are required to manage training information from any location regardless of mission. In response, the Army Training Management Directorate has enabled access to training information directly from the Army Training Network (ATN) website through the Army's Digital Job Book and Small Unit Leader Tool at Soldiers and leaders can now easily access training records using a username and password on their personal computers and smart devices. Previously these two tools were only available via Army Knowledge Online (AKO) on government computers with Common Access Card (CAC) authentication.All Soldiers can view their Digital Job Book from personal devices, providing the ability to review their training and qualification information recorded in Digital Training Management System (DTMS). Once logged in, Soldiers can view the status of their Army course registrations, current Army Physical Fitness and Combat Fitness test scores, most recent height and weight screening, most recent individual weapons qualifications, any completed task based training, and the Individual Critical Task List for their MOS and skill level. Soldiers can ensure their records are up to date, research tasks they need to train, and provide timely feedback to their leaders.The Small Unit Leader Tool provides junior leaders with a means to easily view and update the training status of their assigned Soldiers. They can access the same training and qualification information found in the Digital Job Book.  This enables the leader to update and maintain their Soldiers’ training information in one consolidated location. The updates made in the Small Unit Leader Tool automatically update DTMS which not only informs their command of the small unit’s training status, but also shares the training information to other Army authoritative systems. The Small Unit Leader Tool helps leaders ensure their Soldiers are properly trained and are given due credit for training completion.For specific information on the Digital Job Book or Small Unit Leader Tool, visit ATN at: This page contains a self-paced tutorial showing how to establish a username and password, and how to utilize both the Digital Job Book and Small Unit Leader Tool. Contact the Army Training Management System Help Desk at e-mail:, or call 913-684-2700, or 877-241-0347.Stay connected and Train to Win with ATN:,, and #WeAreTraining #TrainedAndReady #ATN