224th MI hosts mentorship ride
Soldiers meet their motorcycle riding mentors June 26 during Rattler Ride, 224th Military Intelligence Battalion's new motorcycle safety event. During their ride to Jekyll Island, riders rode in a staggered formation allowing mentors to evaluate and provide feedback to junior riders.

(Photo Credit: Daniel Malta)

HUNTER ARMY AIRFIELD, Ga. — The 224th Military Intelligence Battalion hosted their first Rattler Ride, a mentorship event for motorcycle riders within their command, on June 26 from Savannah to Jekyll Island to ensure new riders are aware of the best practices while on their bikes.

“Safety is foremost why we’re out here,” said Capt. Levi Vanpelt, event organizer with 224th MI Bn. “Any loss of life is awful but for a Soldier to be stateside and perish is extremely unfortunate.”

This event was created to give riders experience and mentorship to lesson risks and ultimately save lives, Vanpelt said.

The more experienced riders were paired up with junior riders in a staggered formation so they could watch and evaluate their riding. Once they arrived to Jekyll Island for lunch, the junior riders were given feedback on their riding and how they can improve in terms of safety.

While this event was a first, the Army has several longstanding requirements for Soldiers wanting to ride motorcycles.

In addition to licensing requirements, Soldiers are required to take an Army-sponsored motorcycle safety course and to use full personal protective equipment to include long-sleeved shirt or jacket, long trousers, full-fingered gloves and a helmet regardless of state laws.