BAGHDAD - In an effort to build on relationships that have been forged over the last nine months, Soldiers from C Company, 299th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, hosted the Division Surgeon from the 6th Iraqi Army Division, June 19, at Camp Liberty.

Lt. Col. Mortadha Jafar Mosa, a trained pathologist, visited the Riva Ridge Troop Medical Facility and also toured the brigade medical supply office or BMSO. The purpose of the event was to gain further insight into the daily operations of medical Soldiers in the U.S. Army to further develop Iraq's medical capacity.

"I think the event went extremely well; the noncommissioned officers briefed their respective areas and did an outstanding job," said 1st Sgt. Class Gary Williams, senior enlisted member, Co. C., 299th BSB. "The event was mainly NCO-driven to show the level of responsibility that our NCO's have. Our Iraqi counterparts seemed pleased with the visit."

During the tour of the BMSO, Mortadha asked Lifeline Soldiers a number of questions, ranging from the issuing of medical supplies to the process of acquiring the supplies.

The visit was a chance to pass along the unit's knowledge, but the passing of knowledge has been a two way street for the commander of "Charlie Med."

"Lt. Col. Mortadha Jafar Mosa has taught me quite a bit of very valuable knowledge of the Iraqi Army Medical System and how they operate," said Capt. John Taylor, commander, Co. C, 299th BSB. "He has taught me many of the challenges he faces in trying to build and stand up a medical treatment system from the ground."

As the Iraqis continue to improve their capabilities, the interaction with Lifeline medical Soldiers serves to not only improve their capabilities, but it also improves the relationships the Soldiers have built during their time together.

"I welcome these opportunities to interact with the Iraqi Army; many units in MND-B get to interact with them on a daily basis," said Williams. "Our companies get limited opportunities, but we make the most of them to do our part in reinforcing and building the partnership that must continue to grow."