REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – The Army Materiel Command enterprise welcomed a new resource management assistant deputy chief of staff during a ceremony held at the headquarters June 24. Mike Cook joined a field of 297 distinguished leaders as the newest member of the Senior Executive Service – a select group of top executives who make up just 0.1% of the civilian workforce.Members of the SES serve in key positions just below the top presidential appointees and are the link between the appointees and the rest of the federal workforce.“We are here to recognize a seasoned leader who has the character, commitment and courage to lead at the senior executive level,” said Executive Deputy to the Commanding General Lisha Adams. “Undoubtedly, Mike’s credentials mark him as an exceptional choice to lead AMC G-8 alongside Mrs. [Christina] Freese.”Cook is no stranger to the Army as he comes from a service-oriented family. His father retired as a colonel with the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps after a nearly 30-year career while his sister and brother currently work for the Department of Defense.Following in his father’s footsteps, Cook completed 28 years in uniform before beginning his career as a Department of the Army Civilian.Prior to coming to AMC, he served as the deputy G-8 for Army Space and Missile Defense Command. Other notable assignments include comptroller for the 20th Engineer Brigade, U.S. Army Reserve Qatar, and 3/160th Special Operations Aviation Division.Cook’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. Throughout his career, he received awards for his military and civilian contributions, including 2014 ASA Comptroller of the Year (Army command level), 2014 Military Capstone award and 2015 McCall Award for Distinguished Service.In the first month of his new role, Cook has recognized the commitment and professionalism of his team.“I am humbled by the beast that is resource management at AMC,” he said. “I look forward to adding value and being a part of this effort.”Adams concluded the ceremony by offering Cook one piece of advice.“Know what the standards are, focus on the output and hold yourselves and others accountable to execution,” she said.