The Fort Drum Security Detachment of 100th Missile Defense Brigade, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, held a small arms training and qualification range on June 19, 2020, on Fort Drum, N.Y.100th Missile Defense Brigade is tasked with conducting a presidentially-directed national security mission to defend the United States against the threat of intercontinental ballistic missile attack.The FDSD provides constant security to the In-flight Interceptor Communication System Data Terminal located at Fort Drum, New York. The detachment conducts unique firearms training to meet the requirements of its mission.“A lot of the emphasis is drawing your weapon from the holster, and getting it up as quickly as possible, almost like speed-shooting,” Capt. Michael Robison, FDSD commander, said. “As opposed to when you’re already at the ready position and you’re already prepared to shoot the target.”In order to qualify, the shooters must land their shots in vital areas capable of stopping threats upon impact. Each iteration is timed, and the shooters are scored based on shot placement. Corry Bibey, an FDSD marksmanship trainer, completed a firearms training course held in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to provide his unit the most current training available.They shot from a variety of distances, including extremely close quarters where they pulled their weapons from the holster and fired without having their arms extended.“We qualify from 25 meters and as close as two meters,” Bibey said. “That one gets a lot of people because they’re not used to shooting something that close.”