The Districts and Divisions of the Army Corps of Engineers are tasked with the ongoing challenge to maintain and upgrade thousands of locks and dams, reservoirs and other civil works programs in the United States. These civil works programs impact the lives of millions of Americans daily so it is easy to forget that USACE’s mission does not end at our nation’s borders.On the other side of the world USACE plays a vital role to the safety and security of the U.S./Japan Alliance and the Indo-Pacific Region.It takes a special individual to rise up to the challenge of living and working overseas. The Japan District is fortunate not only to have employees that are ready to meet these challenging conditions, but to have employees that thrive under these conditions.Rex W. Mols, project manager, Japan Engineer District, has been selected as the USACE 2020 Project Manager of the Year. Mr. Mols’ is being recognized for being an outstanding project manager in the JED for his work with the Installation Readiness and Military Family Housing (MFH) programs. Mr. Mols' success in leading the execution of this $700M MILCON mission has resulted in Okinawa military components and new stakeholders calling upon the District to execute their Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) projects in the region.He developed an SRM business model that guides the District to select, initiate, and execute SRM projects in a more effective and efficient manner. He also contributes to his local Project Management community by conducting prep courses for Project Management Professional (PMP) exam; and brownbag training sessions on various topics: CEFMs, P2, project management plan development, SRM business model, and etc. He ensured team members have practical knowledge of business processes and tools supporting project delivery.“I am always trying to achieve something better,” said Mr. Mols. “I keep my team in mind, if I can help the team achieve more, then I can be better too. It is always a continuous improvement. Always moving toward continuous improvement, improving the process and improving the team as a whole, and I am always looking for those opportunities.”Mr. Mols took the time to mention colleges that played a large part of his success during his 19 years in USACE.“I am always looking up to my senior leaders, early in my career Brad Bishop showed how to be an excellent communicator, here in JED Jesse Sybico is someone that I consider a mentor. He is highly intelligent, very laid back and doesn’t get overly stressed and I try to model my leadership and project management style similar to his approach, he adds.”Mr. Mols has put this mentorship to good work. He has distinguished himself as the go-to Project Manager for both Air Force and Army military construction projects in Okinawa, Japan. Due to his history of successful project execution, he is leading the design and construction efforts of several projects that serve as a vital link in defense of the nation.Rex Mols had one more person to thank for his success as a project manager and leader.“It is true that behind every great leader there is a remarkable spouse that is offering support and providing a sounding board or a sympathetic ear to listen, and my wife, SeLinda, is that for me,” said Mols. “She is the most special person in the world to me.”As a recipient of the USACE 2020 Project Manager of the Year Award, Mr. Mols will be welcomed as a member to the Program and Project Management Community of Practice (PPM CoP) Steering Committee for a three year period. In addition, there may be an opportunity for him to shadow the PPM CoP leaders during his tenure.