BELLE PLAINE, Iowa Aca,!" An eager crowd awaited the approximate 45 vehicles from the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA) Transcontinental Convoy that soon filled their main street on June 22nd.Townspeople from Belle Plaine, IA had been planning for the convoysAca,!a,,c arrival for several months, and greeted drivers with different town memorabilia to ensure their stop would be remembered long after individuals returned home.Contents included old photos of the Lincoln Highway, the first coast-to-coast road built in 1913 for automobile travel in the U.S., as it appeared in the early days in Belle Plaine.During the stop, MVPA participant Mr. Bill Kreider, met with a resident, Mr. Wallace Winkie, that served in the Infantry Division at the same period of time during World War II. Both frequently rode the same style of Harley that Kreider was displaying during the re-enacted 2009 Transcontinental Convoy.The 3,389 mile route from New York CityAca,!a,,cs Times Square to San FranciscoAca,!a,,cs Lincoln Park was updated in 1937, going straight from Youngsville to Tama, Iowa, excluding Belle Plaine from the historic route traveled by the original convoy in 1919.