Master Resilience Trainers

What is it'

The Master Resilience Trainer (MRT) course is intended to teach how to impart resilience skills to Soldiers, family members and Army civilians. MRTs are one component of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness which is the Army's strategy to increase resilience and enhance performance by developing the five dimensions of strength: social, emotional, spiritual, family and physical. This train-the-trainer course, currently civilian-based, is designed to instruct teachers on how to impart resilience skills in their students.

How important is this to the Army'

The Army recognizes the importance of equipping Soldiers, family members and Army civilians with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate life's stresses.

Everyone enters the Army with variable level of resiliency. Master Resilience Trainers will train the total Army community - active-duty, Army National Guard and Army Reserve/family members/Army civilian employees.

Being in the Army is about much more than being physically fit. It is about being balanced, healthy and self-confident while having the confidence to lead. CSF will train resilience and teach life skills allowing the Army to strengthen its focus on the overall assessment of wellness and promote post-traumatic growth.

What is the Army doing'

An informational session was held for potential Master Resiliency Trainers in May during which 32 Army Soldiers and Army civilians received the civilian version of the course at the University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). In June a smaller focus group attended UPENN to begin tailoring the current curriculum for Army use. The Army course for MRTs is projected to begin in October 2009.

The Army is currently in the curriculum-development phase of this train-the-trainer program. Phase Two will consist of implementation of an MRT school which will train leaders (squad leaders, platoon sergeants, etc.) on how to impart resiliency skills through daily education and training. Phase Three will allow for voluntary participation by family members and Army civilians.


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