ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- It was an unusual spring and this summer is shaping up to be extraordinary as well. The last major event to change the world during my Army career was 9/11. Like this pandemic, our world changed forever that day.So far, this year you have experienced changes in the way your children learn in school, changes in the ways employees work here on the installation and changes with the businesses in our communities.We have seen unrest.We have also seen hope.Hope as our military and civilian medical forces work toward a cure, vaccine or medication for COVID-19.Hope as we have maintained our ability to provide readiness to our war fighters, despite reduced staff.Hope as businesses reopened and we rebuilt our sense of community.This year, your plans for the Independence Day holiday may look different.Your local community may not hold its typical annual events, such as fireworks displays.You may not be able to travel or to hold the types of celebrations you are accustomed to having.As we go into the holiday weekend, please keep safety in mind – safety for yourself, your family and the safety of your coworkers.This time of year often sees the greatest number of injuries from personal fireworks and grilling than any other time of the year.Each individual on the installation plays an important role in our mission – ensuring the readiness of our Soldiers.Last week, we celebrated the Army’s 245th birthday. For nearly two and a half centuries, the U.S. Army has answered the nation’s call. Since 1941, Anniston Army Depot has been part of supporting our nation’s requirements.Dedication and commitment is now synonymous with ANAD and your reputation precedes itself.Almost two weeks ago, we welcomed the new TACOM Commanding General, Brig. Gen. Darren Werner. One of the things he highlighted during his dialogue with the depot and arsenal commanders was “take care of your people.” As leaders, it is important to be aware of our actions and the impact it will have on others.I am grateful for all that you do and, with your help, through the work you perform each day, we continue to support and ensure our military men and women have the equipment they need when and where they need it.Enjoy your holiday weekend and return to us safely, so we may continue our mission for the war fighters.