WIESBADEN, Germany – The Soldiers and staff of Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic welcomed a new commander during a change of command and responsibility ceremony, June 12.During the ceremony, Col. Stacy Freeman relinquished command of WAHC to Lt. Col. James McWherter, along with a concurrent assumption of responsibility where the clinic’s senior enlisted advisor, Sgt. 1st Class Timothy Johnson, also departed.“To command is a privilege. It’s a special relationship with the government and American people,” said Col. Michael Weber, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center commander who hosted the ceremony. “Commanders have special authorities and responsibilities, they are responsible for everything their unit does and fails to do.”Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic is one of six community clinics which operate under LRMC, and one of three clinics in Germany.“During (Freeman's) command, (WAHC) soared, quality and safety continues to be the center of gravity and clinic staff also excelled,” said Weber. “People were always first, beneficiaries empaneled to this clinic enjoyed their medical readiness, the best medical readiness and medical forces here. We are all inspired by this clinic and what it's achieved for the army, the joint war fighters and the families.”Johnson, who led the Medical Enlisted Corps personnel at the clinic since 2018, reminded the clinic’s troops of their duties as medical professionals and Soldiers.“Thank you for being warriors. Let it be clear your job is to engage and destroy the enemy in close combat,” said Johnson. “Practice good diplomacy to end wars before they even begin, and remember to uphold the six pillars to be a successful noncommissioned officer and Soldier: be hungry, be hard, be helpful, be hopeful, be humble and be accountable.”Freeman, who is slated to attend Senior Service College, also led the clinic since 2018, during which she’s provided support to ongoing community health efforts and combating the COVID-19 pandemic at Wiesbaden.“Army medicine stood strong or remained on the front lines in the management of COVID. From identifying the best testing location supplies and equipment to further embracing the telehealth world for acute care, behavioral health and readiness, army medicine will always be here and you can trust that we will continue to conserve the fighting strength while caring for our service members of all services and their families,” said Freeman. “Taking care of the employees and the Wiesbaden community was my number one priority. Every decision I made, whether people liked it or not, was to protect my staff and to ensure the health and wellness of this community.”Freeman expressed her gratitude toward the community and wished McWherter a successful tour during his command at WAHC.“I am ecstatic (McWherter) was selected to replace me. He is going to do great things during his command and I feel good about leaving here knowing that he's going to take excellent care of my clinic family for me,” said Freeman.“I'm honored and humbled for the privilege to command a talented team of professionals such as this, I recognize all the hard work this organization has done and commend you on all the differences you've made during this COVID pandemic,” said McWherter. “We will face every challenge together. Succeed as a strong united team. There is no greater honor than to serve the Soldiers and civilians the United States Army.”