CYBER SNAPSHOT: Mark OwensHometown: Detroit, MichiganJob title: Logistics Management Specialist (Job series 0391)Duty title: Accountable OfficerQUICK SKETCH:-- Named 2019 2d Theater Signal Brigade Civilian of the Quarter and Civilian of the Year, and Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) Junior Civilian for 2019.-- Earned a 2019 Army Cyber Command Supply Excellence Award for Category IV Table of Distribution and Allowances, Supply Support Activity, and was a Department of the Army-level semi-finalist in the same category.ON WHAT HE LIKES ABOUT BEING PART OF THE NETCOM TEAM:“The job satisfaction of being part of NETCOM, and my duties as the Accountable Officer of such a unique warehouse that supports (Headquarters and Headquarters Company 2d Theater Signal Brigade, 102nd Strategic Signal Battalion, NETCOM-Europe and Regional Cyber Center-Europe) unit level supply operations with their Class II, III (P), VII and IX which is very critical due to COVID-19 and the sanitary items required to maintain a healthy host nation, military and civilian workforce. ‘People, Property, and Processes’” The opportunity to manage a warehouse with over $36 million of accountable property and being part of a brigade who thrives for excellence and recognizes those civilians that are big part of the “Brigade of Excellence.”ON WHAT UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES HE FEELS A CAREER WITH NETCOM OFFERS:“As the Accountable Officer I have the unique opportunity to oversee (and) work with an 11-person contractor workforce that operates the daily logistics operations of the (2d Theater Signal Brigade) Supply Support Activity, List of Material Warehouse, and the Shipping and Receiving section, where I am the only government employee. Over the past two years, (there have been) challenges in understanding the contractor requirements for the logistical support required to meet the NETCOM mission and ensuring the overall technical proficiency of Army Property System of Record systems.”ON WHAT HE WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING FOLLOWING YOUR CAREER PATH IN NETCOM:“Being a Logistics Management Specialist for NETCOM has been a great learning opportunity, to work directly with project managers on over 63 projects that cover (U.S. Army Europe), the Middle East, the Balkans and other sensitive sites … that require a multi-functional logician to assist in managing the $35 million of (Information Technology) project stock that is required at these locations that involve life cycle replacement, and IT project stock mission requirements to maintain systems.”ON WHAT A CAREER WITH NETCOM OFFERS THAT OTHER CAREER PATHS DON’T:“You are able to work with a local national workforce, DoD civilians and military leaders at all levels that are in multiple different career fields within the 2d TSB (headquarters) and others at sites remotely, as each entity requires different levels of logistical support. It allows me to thrive to be better than the previous day, as a logistician processes change and we must stay connected to our networks to ensure we are able to be the institutional knowledge that sets the standard when it comes to logistics and supporting the workforce.”-----ABOUT US: United States Army Cyber Command integrates and conducts full-spectrum cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, and information operations, ensuring freedom of action for friendly forces in and through the cyber domain and the information environment, while denying the same to our adversaries.ABOUT THE NETWORK ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY COMMAND: NETCOM plans, engineers, installs, integrates, protects, and operates Army Cyberspace, enabling Mission Command through all phases of Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational operations. Learn more at in the challenge of joining the Army Cyber team? Check out military and civilian cyber career and employment opportunities by clicking on the "Careers" tab at