Collection managers needed for future multi-domain battlefield

By Kenn BlanchardJune 18, 2020

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The Army Intelligence Development Program - Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (AIDP-ISR) is seeking the next generation of collection managers for future Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).

The AIDP-ISR is open to Military Intelligence (MI) Branch military occupational specialties (MOS) in the 35-series for majors and promotable captains. All-source intelligence aviation officers (15C35) are eligible under the active component 35-series career field eligibility requirements. It is also open to chief warrant officer three (CW3) and promotable chief warrant officer two (CW2(P)) in MOS 350F (primary), and open to all 350-series warrant officers.

Eligible officers interested in this highly competitive MI academic program for academic year 2021-2022, should apply by Aug. 14.

AIDP-ISR offers robust and intensive training to its students, providing its graduates the advanced learning required to advance the collection strategy for the G2 and commander upon assuming their new assignment.

“The collection management professional development program is managed under the guidance of the Army Intelligence and Security Command – INSCOM – and the Army’s Forces Command,” said Col. Heidi A. Urben, commander, 704th MI Brigade. “The program trains MI officers to lead the division and corps-level intelligence requirements management process.”

Urben added that FORSCOM G2 staff’s involvement ensures dedicated utilization tours for graduates of AIDP-ISR training. As a result of this training, graduates will be able to leverage national, theater, and Army ISR capabilities in support of multi-domain operations.

“I cannot imagine a more impactful position for an MI Major in a Corps or Division than to be an AIDP-ISR graduate serving as a collection manager today,” said Urben.

Those selected will participate in a blend of classroom learning, professional development sessions with U.S. Intelligence Community leaders, and inclusion in warfighter exercises designed to build mastery of Department of Defense (DoD), Joint Force, and Intelligence Community collection management doctrine.

“Selectees will PCS (permanent change of station) to the National Capital Region, be attached to the 704th MI Brigade, and have duty at the National Security Agency at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland,” said Capt. Julie L. Cordes, AIDP-ISR program manager, 742d MI Battalion, 704th MI BDE. “Students fully integrate into DoD and National Intelligence Agency coursework. Graduates will be certified DoD collection managers and awarded the 3F Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) with additional opportunities within the program to receive further skill identifiers.”

According to Cordes, the AIDP-ISR occurs in three phases:

Accession Phase: Eligible majors and promotable captains apply during the August time-frame; chief warrant officers can apply when reaching CW3 or CW2(P). The MI Programs Panel will select students. Once selected, students will interview with Corps- and Division-level G2s to identify the unit in which they will serve their utilization tours. This phase concludes with the integration of students at Fort George G. Meade under the management of the 742d MI Battalion.

Core Proficiency Phase (August-December): Students become part of a cohort that attends standardized courses and professional development opportunities. Courses teach collection management at the tactical through national levels, allowing students to develop expertise at Army Collection Management (CM) while exposing them to joint and national level capabilities that can be leveraged for Multi-Domain Operations.

Specialization Phase (January-May): Students work with the program management team to develop a tailored course of study that will prepare them for their follow-on utilization tours.  Students will be able to attend courses focused on CM in specific combatant command areas of responsibility, deep-dive intelligence topics with intelligence activities based in the National Capital Region, and gain a better understanding of Joint Force integration.

“Students will also participate in warfighter exercises (WFX) aligned to their future utilization tours,” said Cordes. “These WFXs will occur from October through June. The program management team will work with students to ensure they can participate and complete all required coursework.”

Cordes said a Defense Intelligence Agency certification exam will also take place. A U.S. Intelligence Community certification is granted upon successfully passing this exam.

Upon graduating from the program in June, graduates will receive the 3F ASI and proceed to their utilization tours. Graduates can expect to be called upon to serve as mentors to future AIDP-ISR cohorts.

Eligibility Criteria for Officers:
  • 35-Series Career Field / Key Developmental complete MI officers, in cohort year group 2010 or later. Officers must be selected for the rank of major and have completed Intermediate Level Education (ILE) prior to the start of AIDP-ISR.
  • Possess a final Top Secret clearance with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) and be able to complete a counterintelligence (CI) polygraph. Applicants must have a successfully adjudicated Security In-Processing (SIP) and Notification of Foreign National Affiliation (NFNA).
Eligibility Criteria for Warrant Officers:
  • CW3 and CW2(P) in the following MOS: 350F (primary), but open to all 350-series warrant officers.
  • Warrant officers must complete the MI Warrant Officer Advanced Course (WOAC) prior to reporting to AIDP-ISR.
  • Possess a final Top Secret clearance with access to SCI and be able to successfully complete a counterintelligence (CI) polygraph. Applicants must have a successfully adjudicated SIP and NFNA.
How to apply:
  • Eligible officers must submit their scanned and legible application requirements by email to the Army Human Resources Command (HRC) MI Branch Team Mailbox: no later than Aug. 14.
  • Additional details about the nomination and selection process for AIDP-ISR can be found in the current academic year Military Intelligence Programs and Advanced Civil Schooling MILPER message. The HRC site requires a common access card (CAC):
  • Applications and nomination packets for majors and promotable captains will be submitted during the initial month of residence at ILE (August/September), although resident attendance is not a prerequisite to AIDP-ISR participation.
  • CW3 and CW2(P) are eligible to apply. If seats are available, warrant officers who have not completed WOAC will complete WOAC enroute to their utilization assignment.
  • Officers must be nominated by either their HRC career manager, an O-6 officer, GS-15, their brigade commander or higher echelon commander.
  • Nomination packets will require a Letter of Recommendation and DA Form 4187 from an O-6 MI officer or brigade commander or higher.
  • Applicants will also submit additional security requirements with their packet.
  • Graduates of the AIDP-ISR will incur an active duty service obligation of three years.

For additional information concerning the nomination and selection process, interested applicants should contact their Human Resources Command (HRC) career managers.

For specific information about AIDP-ISR, contact Capt. Cordes at (301) 677-0357 or The 742d MI Battalion’s S3 staff can be reached at (301) 677-0562 or