Robert L Barrie, Jr., deputy program executive officer for aviation, received his first star during a ceremony June 2, promoting him to brigadier general.“Army promotions and awards are team events,” Barrie said. “It’s the best thing about the Army – everything we do is as a team.“It’s awkward when one person has to accept a promotion or an award, on behalf of the team. I’m honored to do that but it’s really representative of a wide range of people – leaders I’ve served with; Soldiers and civilians I’ve worked with; and, my family and friends.”Maj. Gen. (promotable) Thomas Todd, former PEO for aviation, presided over the ceremony held in Owens Cross Roads.“Use the wisdom that got you here, be who you are,” Todd said. “We need you exactly like that and this Army needs you exactly like that. It’s time to pin a star on a great Soldier and I’m looking forward to doing it.”Barrie’s wife and three children shared the honor of updating the rank on his coat and shirt, as Todd simultaneously pinned a silver one-star rank insignia to Barrie’s beret. Barrie commented that Todd used the same star he received at his own brigadier general promotion ceremony.Due to the recent social distancing guidelines from the Department of Defense, the ceremony wasn’t traditional – a promotion certificate and mementos weren’t passed between the host and honoree, but instead were displayed on a table flanked by Todd and Barrie.A general officer pistol was also presented to Barrie and displayed inside its case next to the certificate. The practice of issuing a pistol to active duty general officers began in 1944 during World War II, and according to Title 10, U.S. Code Section 2574, includes a serial number beginning with the letters “GO.”In addition to the presentations, a new one-star flag was unfurled and displayed on the stage, visibly signifying Barrie’s new general officer rank.Barrie became the deputy PEO in January after serving as the military deputy for the organization. He has served in various assignments throughout the Program Executive Office for Aviation to include assistant project manager for UH-60M product office, the PEO’s executive officer and project manager for the Cargo Helicopters project office.Related Link:PEO Aviation website