Twelve Prime Power Specialist (12P) of 3rd Power Station, Charlie Company, 249th Engineer Battalion are conducting a Circuit Breaker and Relay Maintenance (CBRM) mission at the Beckley Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in Beckley, WV.The CBRM operations includes testing of the Beckley VA’s main electrical vaults which consist of six medium vacuum circuit breakers and associated relays form the primary utility feeds, three main substations and associated circuit breakers, and the substation transformers.“The CBRM mission is a win/win for all the parties involved,” said Chief Warrant Officer 2 Uriel Reyes, Officer in Charge of the CBRM mission. “It provides the opportunity for Prime Power Specialists to train and further hone their skills, while providing cost savings to the VA in excess of $250,000.”The 249th Engineer Battalion capabilities allow these highly specialized Soldiers to conduct missions like this at the VA hospital in support of federal government agencies. For more information on the 249th Engineer Battalion, visit