CYBER SNAPSHOT: Barbara FlynnHometown: Delta Junction, AlaskaJob title: Telecommunications Specialist (Job series 0391)Duty title: Secured Communication and Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Chief, U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM)QUICK SKETCH:-- Has provided assured secured communication, operations, maintenance and SATCOM connectivity for a critical 24/7 Ground Based Midcourse Defense Mission for more than 10 years.-- Under her leadership Fort Greely, Alaska’s SATCOM facility has been named Defense Information Systems Agency Pacific Facility of the Year seven out of the last 10 years, and earned the 2019 Global Facility of the Year award and the DISA Commander’s Cup. In addition she has earned numerous individual awards for her achievements.-- Administers several multimillion-dollar operations and maintenance contracts, including preparing and executing three Base +4 service contracts and multiple yearly service contracts during her career.-- Manages installation and upgrade of critical communications systems in remote and austere locations, including currently assisting with removal and replacement of three SATCOM systems while coordinating systems software upgrades sustain cybersecurity at Fort Greely.ON WHAT SHE LIKES ABOUT BEING PART OF THE ARMY NETWORK ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY COMMAND TEAM:“The NETCOM team allows me to work on a wide variety of different projects, gaining knowledge in multiple areas encompassed in C4IM (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Management). In addition, the people who support our missions around the globe have been extremely supportive and encouraging.”ON WHAT UNIQUE OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES SHE FEELS A CAREER WITH NETCOM OFFERS:“A career with NETCOM offers a diverse working knowledge of the elements required to achieve success. NETCOM challenges you to undertake the team concept in order to recognize that not only one work center is responsible for a victory; it’s the contributions of others that make you what you are.”ON WHAT SHE WOULD YOU SAY TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING FOLLOWING YOUR CAREER PATH IN NETCOM:“I would say, “Build positive relationships with your coworkers, tenant units, and be open to learn from those around you. Learn everything you can! If you take the time to pursue professional development, and learn more than just your part of the mission, you will be successful.”ON WHAT A CAREER WITH NETCOM OFFERS THAT OTHER CAREER PATHS DON’T:“Working with NETCOM allows an individual to build a career in the fastest-growing industry in the world, IT and cybersecurity. When you take advantage of NETCOM’S on-the-job training experience, mentorship, and the wide variety of training opportunities offered, you will achieve marketable skills that can be utilized by any organization.”-----ABOUT US: United States Army Cyber Command integrates and conducts full-spectrum cyberspace operations, electronic warfare, and information operations, ensuring freedom of action for friendly forces in and through the cyber domain and the information environment, while denying the same to our adversaries.ABOUT THE NETWORK ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY COMMAND: NETCOM plans, engineers, installs, integrates, protects, and operates Army Cyberspace, enabling Mission Command through all phases of Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational operations. Learn more at in the challenge of joining the Army Cyber team? Check out military and civilian cyber career and employment opportunities by clicking on the "Careers" tab at