Memorial Day has long been synonymous with the kickoff to summer fun and the "101 critical days of summer." That means two things – warm, outdoor activities and increased safety risks.

Long before anyone had heard of COVID-19, many already had plans in place for their summer vacations. Those plans may have changed, but most people will still look for exciting things to do this summer, if under somewhat limited conditions.

According to Will Quinn, chief of Operational Safety for U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, the most important thing is to remain situationally aware while you enjoy all that summer offers.

“Many Soldiers and civilians alike will enjoy the wonderful summer weather and all that it has to offer with picnics, swimming and extended travel plans,” Quinn said. “As our outdoor activities and the temperatures increase, we should all use effective safety planning as we plan our holiday and summer activities. Remember to make safety awareness part of your fun this this summer. A moment's inattention is all it takes to for an accident to happen. Take the time to think and implement safety and before become an accident statistic.”

Quinn suggests everyone follow the “SUMMER SAFETY SIX.”

1) Drive Rested, Drive Safe!

2) Be Cool, Stay hydrated!

3) Protect Your Skin, the Sun is not your Friend!

4) Be Vigil, Swim Safely!

5) Fireworks are for Professionals!

6) Drink Responsibly, Water is best!

June is National Safety Month. It is a great time to assess summer plans and incorporate safety awareness into those plans, said the AMCOM Commanding General Maj. Gen. Todd Royar.

“We remain focused on employee and family safety by raising awareness on motor vehicle mishaps, fatigue, management, identification of hazards and impairment impacts. With your help, we will ensure safety in our communities, on the road and at work,” Royar said. “I hope everyone has fun this summer, enjoy some much deserved rest and relaxation, and come back home and to work safe and sound.”

For more information on keeping you and your family safe this summer and beyond, visit the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center’s website at